“Some people think capturing moments is a matter of life or death. I can assure you, it’s much more important than that. It’s about memorising life” – Dominique Chandreperkash

As a photographer I love to create new artwork and concepts. Sometimes telling a story, sometimes challenging the status quo.

I love to use my work to show that one different thing you never thought was present; capturing that moment when you totally felt ‘you’. Sometimes strong, sometimes fragile, but always ‘you’.

Guiding the person in front me during the photoshoot to feel comfortable about the way they feel and look, pushing them to reach a peak state of mind, allows me to capture their true colour and gives them and the world the opportunity to always look back to that version of themselves in that moment.

My goal is always to guide the raw idea to the perfect picture on camera, being creative and creating the best results.

Photography is more than just photography for me, it’s creating art work that inspires and will be memorised for ages to come.